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In addition to our wide range of high quality Projectina-branded products, we also work in partnership with clients to develop and produce specialized and customized solutions. We bring unparalleled expertise, production capabilities and efficiencies, as well as cost certainty.

Flexible approach covers the entire design and production process or specific aspects – we adapt to suit your needs

Specialists in optical, precision mechanical and electronic components and systems

Realized OEM projects:

  • Sensors for textile industry
  • Wire bonder optics
  • Collimating optics for laser
  • Focusing optics for laser
  • Objectives for medical diagnostics
  • Camera viewer
  • Lens system for thin layer chromatography
  • Optics and mechanics for virtual gunnery tank simulator
  • Universal FT-NIR Spectrometer for food production
  • Beamer objectives
  • Test systems for security paper
  • Printed circuit board verification systems
  • LED illumination systems

OEM Success Story

We are OEM partners for a wide range of clients to design, develop, optimize or produce specific products and components. Find our more about our Client Success Stories here.

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Our Process

Our capabilities are available for the full process or any specific stage



Helping to understand what is possible & create specifications for your product

Feasibility studies

Assessing opportunities & risks to justify major expenditure

Functional specifications

Converting your vision into a technically possible solution

Team meetingMan working on a computer
Man working on a computerLens


Concept studies

Investigating multiple concepts cost effectively

Optical engineering

Using our capability & expertise to optimize optical solutions

Development & design

Developing your solution from scratch, optimizing the design


Laboratory tests & samples

Verifying critical characteristics cost effectively for testing

Procurement & production logistics

Using our established networks & supply base to make production as efficient as possible

Man installing small pieces on a productProduct check
Working manAssembling pieces on a product


Optimal processes & a reliable supply chain enable us to achieve short lead times - especially in prototype production

Prototype production

Leading this key stage in production to check product performance & guide optimization

Serial production

Manufacturing your product in specified batch quantities to assured quality levels

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