Vacuum Fuming Chambers

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Recovering evidence from hard to access items

Recovery of latent prints and traces on items of different sizes and shapes

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Projectina is Switzerland’s official distributor of premium Voigtländer Polizei-und Kriminaltechnik forensic equipment, offering both the 57L and 141L models of vacuum cyanoacrylate fuming chamber.

It’s a convenient and effective process.

Aluminium foil can be vapour-deposited in a crumpled state. Then carefully pull it apart and examine it for dactyloscopic traces. Only where finger traces are visible, the aluminium foil must be smoothed. Since cyanoacrylate traces are usually smudge-proof, smoothing involves little risk.

The traces in mini grip bags (evidence bags) develop just as well inside the bags as outside. Even large trace carriers can be vapour-deposited in a very small space. The risk of destroying traces by previously processing the trace carrier is low. Many objects do not have to be unpacked before dactyloscopic trace detection.

The touch panel puts full control at your fingertips, and the fitted heater significantly shortens the development time, maximizing the chamber’s availability and throughput in a busy lab scenario.

Vacuum Fuming Chambers

Technical Specifications

  • Heater installed as standard, considerably shortening the development time
  • Volume: 57 or 141 litres
  • Weight: 130 kg (approx.) - depending on model
  • Power connection: 230 V, 220 W, 50 Hz
  • Vacuum: final vacuum up to -950 bar

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