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The compact Docubox HD is the optimum choice for those wanting a smaller footprint but no compromise in rapid and easy processing performance.

The Docubox HD the perfect choice for those needing to verify travel documents, banknotes and security printed matter quickly and efficiently. In a compact design, you’ll find it loaded with everything - so you’ll miss nothing.
  • Image storage via USB port (no PC required) - the optimal stand-alone solution!
  • New design incorporating 14 integrated light sources, motorized 30x zoom optics and improved IR sensitive camera
  • Easy to use, with a touch screen, jogger knob, and the ability to store up to 200 document control settings
  • Motorized 30x zoom, autofocus/manual focus modes, magnification up to 100x on 24” monitor for precision viewing
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 IR colour camera with spectral range 350nm – 1100 nm for outstanding image capture
  • 5 pre-programmed control sequences
  • Sequence mode allows for automatic selection of light source and inspection time, simplifying and accelerating the investigation process
  • Wide range of accessories and options to expand system capabilities, including PIA-7 Forensic Software with multi-language support and PAGScan Document Reader

Up to 200 control settings stored via internal memory or USB

Integrated illumination system with customizable presets


Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions: 410 mm width x 475 mm depth x 385 mm height – without monitor
  • Weight: 26 kg (basic system)
  • Full-HD colour camera - with full-HD high resolution IR colour camera 1920 x 1080, chipsensor 3.2 MP, spectral range 350 nm – 1100 nm, with auto chip integration and Autofocus
  • Image capture via USB
  • DVI monitor output and USB 2.0 Live camera output
  • Excitation filter module with 9 wavebands: 400–490 nm, 400–530 nm, 455–570 nm, 495–620 nm, 530–650 nm, 570–680 nm, 630–740 nm, DOCU (380–570 nm) and Neutral

Light Sources:

  • UV-A illumination 365 nm surface light, 2x 9 W
  • UV-illumination 254 nm and 313 nm, each 2x 4 W with integrated safety system, for security elements in short and mid-wave UV range
  • UV illumination 365 nm transmitted light, 2x 9 W IR luminescence: with condenser system, 100 Watt
  • Infrared / White light, 2x 50 W
  • IR/Side Light, left and right, individually selectable, 2x 50 W
  • Transmitted light 2x 50 W
  • Transmitted spot light, 1x 50 W
  • Retro light LED
  • Infrared 740 - 1100 nm illumination for «anti-Stokes inks» examination
  • Multi-angle 16x LED light module for OVD verification
  • Backlight illumination

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