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Vision X

The Comparison Microscope VisionX is the most powerful and effective ballistics analysis and confirmation tool in the industry.

Vision X

With years of superior optical engineering poured into the design, it provides unprecedented comfort and clarity – a difference you can feel as well as see.

  • Clear, simultaneous viewing through the binoculars or on-screen with the live camera
  • Synchronized, three-step magnification changer
  • Parafocal optical system, without refocusing
  • Centralized control unit
  • Various LED lighting systems, flexible arrangement
  • Motorized X/Y/Z movement, possibility of synchronizing the left and right object stages
  • Easy exchange of the different object holders
  • Unmatched ergonomics thanks to adjustable binocular tube with constant 30-degree viewing angle
  • Superior stability while delivering a clear, uncluttered work area
  • Unprecedented working distance of 95-233 mm makes it easier to position the objects and handle larger items of evidence

Razor-sharp images at 1.3x to 243x magnification for unequalled documentation

Autofocus function offers unsurpassed image quality

VisionX’s unique design provides both stability and a user-friendly working environment.
Projectina superior optics

Superior Optics

Apochromatically corrected with adjustable apertures, each objective provides three fixed and precisely matched magnification levels, for optimum reproducibility at the touch of a button.

Comparison microscopes

Ergonomic Comfort

Innovative binocular design with motorized height adjustment and constant 30-degree viewing angle for optimum comfort for examiners of any height.

Projectina - fingertip control

Intuitive Control

Real-time, intuitive controls allow for synchronized or separate movements; motorized objective and magnification changer are completely synchronized and precisely matched with each other.

Product light

Optimal Lighting

A flexible, state-of-the-art illumination system that eliminates unwanted reflections and supports the consistent lighting of objects, regardless of shape, size, surface, and structure.

Technical Specifications

  • Comparison bridge with distance of optical axes of 450 mm
  • Objective 0.6x for magnification 6x, 11x, 20x, working distance: 116 mm
  • Objective 3.2x for magnification 32x, 58x, 104x, working distance: 120 mm
  • Intermediate 3 steps magnification changer
  • Ergo tube, motorized user set up and height adjustment, eye pieces 10x/22
  • Basic stand with motorized X and Y movement, travel range 50mm, motorized Z-axis column, 146 mm movement
  • System control unit with joystick and wheel operation
  • Holder for spot light and ringlight
  • LED ringlight, LED high power spotlight, controller for intensity and ringlight segment control, additional connection for 2 LED high power spot or LED shadow-free illumination
  • Tool station

Optional accessories:

  • Objective module 0.13, for magnifications 1.3x, 2.3x and 4.2x, working distance 233 mm
  • Objective module 7.5x, magnification 75x, 135x, 243x, working distance 95 mm
  • A wide range of innovative accessories, lighting options, stages, object holder, etc. is available

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