Motorized Object Holders for VisionX

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The holder provides precise motorized rotation on three axes for the examination of bullets, cartridge cases, tool marks and more.

With the 3D mouse operation, experts can concentrate on the examination of objects in the binocular/monitor and intuitively use the correct control commands.

The precise, motorized examination of the evidence enables experts to:

  • Rotate a bullet or cartridge case a full 360 degrees
  • Tilt to adjust for reflectance and examine uneven surfaces such as damaged bullets and fragments
  • Twist to line up rifling marks and other striations
  • Translate in X and Y planes to position evidence
  • Focus using coarse, fine and super fine controls
  • One-touch button to jump to the next LEA/GEA (Land Engraved Area/Groove Engraved Area) on a bullet to confirm matching areas more quickly and easily
  • Tilt cartridge case and rotate the surface area to view extractor and chamber marks
  • Orient cartridge case headstamp according to established protocols, and store that position for easy recall after viewing other regions of interest
  • Easily synchronize on left and right sides to rotate evidence simultaneously
Motorized Holders for VisionX

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