Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers

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Proven efficiency in securing evidence

Cyanoacrylate fuming process for visualizing and securing fingerprints. The cyanoacrylate fuming process is a good method of securing evidence for all objects with non-absorbent surfaces

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Projectina is Switzerland’s official distributor of premium Voigtländer Polizei-und Kriminaltechnik forensic equipment, offering a comprehensive range of ductless cyanoacrylate fuming chambers.

Our cyanoacrylate fuming chambers range from tabletop units to those suitable for integration into a crime scene vehicle to high-capacity options capable of processing large or multiple items.

Thanks to the new control and simple operation via the touch panel, the fuming processes can now run in automatic mode or continue to be operated manually, this is freely selectable.

Health and safety during operation of the device are very important with the advanced security features, such as the automatic door lock from the beginning of the vaporization process, until the end of the air cleaning process.

Cyanacrylate Fuming Chambers

Technical Specifications - standard model


  • External*: 900 mm width x 2090 mm height (including the base) x 600 mm depth
  • Internal*: 580 mm width x 1250 mm height x 410 mm depth

*Various sizes available on request

Other information:

  • weight: approx. 159 kg
  • connected load: 230 V, 1.3 Kw, 50 Hz
  • exhaust ventilator, type E 05: 230 V / 140 W
  • circulatory: 10 m³/min
  • total pressure difference: Pa 430
  • fan 2 pieces: 230 V, 12 W


  • illumination: 230 V, 36 W
  • vaporiser - heating plate: 230 V, 350 W
  • humidification: 230 V, 512 W
  • electronic temperature control unit: 230 V
  • electronic moisture control unit: 230 V
  • electronic humidity sensor: 0-1 V
  • nominal current: 6.0 A
  • fuse protection: 16 A
  • control voltage: 24 V DC

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