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Doculus LumusDoculus Lumus

Projectina is Switzerland’s official distributor of Doculus Lumus®

The ready-to-hand document hand checker for the mobile expert. With Doculus Lumus you become an expert!

  • Doculus Lumus supports you in the verification of travel documents. Powerful magnifier 15x or 22x with a high quality glass lens system
  • LED lighting system, supporting incident light, torch light, UV light, rotating oblique light and steady light modes
  • Robust housing and extremely low power consumption, ideal for daily front-line use
  • Optional built-in RFID transponder checker for biometric passports and ID cards
Doculus Lumus

Technical Specifications

  • 15x or 22x magnification
  • 4x LEDs for surface light
  • 4x UV-A LED 365 nm
  • 8x LEDs for rotating oblique light
  • ePass verification via RFID
  • 2 AAA batteries and/or with Li-Ion accumulator
  • Available in various colours: grey, blue, red, pink, orange, lime, military sand, military olive

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