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The PAGLAB MSA-810 is brilliance in a box, giving professional laboratories everything they need in one dependable light source.

With its multispectral lamp, convenient remote control, liquid light guide, and motorized filters you have all the power and performance required for the detection and verification of fingerprints, body fluids, fibres, hair and other trace evidence.

  • 120 W multispectral light source, reach 320-720 nm; 10 illumination filter bands
  • Magnetic remote control with LCD display for effortless changing of wavelength/filter, light intensity control and shutter control
  • Set of 3 camera filters (530 nm, 495 nm, 590 nm)
  • Set of 4 goggles (UV, orange, yellow, red)
  • 2.5 m long liquid light guide
  • 15” front quartz condenser
  • Shape converter for larger illumination area
  • Lightweight carrying case

Designed to be operated in the laboratory or at the crime scene

Excellent light intensity in combination with 10 different spectral ranges and ideal for trace detection, visualization of chemically treated trace carriers in the lab and their documentation

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  • Biological stains
  • Latent fingerprints
  • Blood and other body fluids
  • Hair, paint chips and fibres
  • General search for evidence
  • Second-treated fingerprint enhancement

Technical Specification:

  • Basic housing PAGLAB MSA-810 with handle, connection of remote control unit, extension for telescope and fixation for light guide
  • Motorized filter changer via remote control
  • Detachable remote control box (magnetic) with LCD display for filter values, light intensity and ON/OFF function (shutter control)
  • Liquid light guide d = 5 mm, 2.5 m long with possibility to fix various accessories like shape converter, condenser for larger spot 30°, etc.
  • 10 wavelengths with spectra range white light, UV purple, blue, cyan and green to yellow
  • 4 Protection goggles (UV, orange, yellow, red)
  • Extension for telescope handle up to 70 cm, with light guide fixation
  • Condenser with quartz optics 15° for spot size of 25 cm at a distance of 1 m from the object and 12.5 cm at 50 cm
  • Camera filter, d = 58 mm, orange 530 nm, yellow 495 nm and red 590 nm
  • AC 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz mains connection
  • Weight: approx. 5.2 kg
  • Dimensions: approx. 150 mm width x 180 mm height x 260 mm depth

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