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Helping the fight against crime for over 75 years

For over 75 years, Projectina has devoted itself to the design, manufacture and assembly of high-performance precision products. Our strength has long been in optics and photonics, with today’s vision centred on being the leading supplier of specialist forensic equipment.

Projectina is already a byword for excellence and reliability in forensic science labs around the world. Our independence, our Swiss heritage and our passion for what we do has seen us specialize across a relatively narrow spectrum – we are truly expert in this sphere and a trusted brand globally.

When it comes to document examination systems, comparison microscopy or crime scene equipment, you can count on our experience and innovation – meaning you can be confident of getting the very best solutions available.

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People and purpose

As a team, we take pride and pleasure in knowing what we do helps protect countries, communities and individuals from harm. Alongside real purpose comes healthy growth too, not just in terms of commercial success, but in our employees thriving and enjoying their work, developing their careers and giving back to society.

Centre of excellence

Our Heerbrugg headquarters has become a magnet for some of the best engineering and technical talent in Europe – advancing both innovation and quality as well as maintaining our high levels of customer service across both our forensic products and our OEM solutions.

Global reach

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Our History

Innovation and reinvention are in our DNA, inspiring engineering success for over 75 years



Projectina AG was founded in 1946 in Altstätten, Switzerland by Mr Hans Böhlen, the inventor of the projection microscope. It was used initially in the textile and watch industry and made working with microscopes significantly easier.

Projectina microscope
Projectina Microscope 1952


The ‘Projectina microscope’ was developed further and became well established in other fields such as metallurgy, plastics, forensic technology, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Company growth saw a relocation in 1954 to new production and office premises in Heerbrugg.


Another ‘Projectina first’ was the development of the UCP (Universal Comparison Projector) for the pharmaceutical industry and for document testing in forensic technology. It quickly became the instrument of choice in forensic laboratories worldwide.

History 60s
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In further expansion, Projectina turned to control and measurement systems for the printed circuit board industry, becoming the world's leading partner in PCB technology and a specialist in laser optics for industrial processes.


The OEM design, engineering and manufacturing work that had started the decade before to complement the product ranges continued to grow strongly, with Projectina establishing a reputation as a talented, precision-led problem solver and solution provider.

History 80s
History 90s


Projectina’s pedigree in manufacturing excellence and optical performance led to continued evolution and expansion of its forensic science product portfolio. A reseller and support network helped increase the company’s global footprint, with customers across all continents.


Projectina’s sustained quality and reputation in a niche sector made it an attractive acquisition target and in 2006 it was bought by Armor Holdings of the US, who subsequently merged with BAE Systems, Inc. It rounded off the decade with the development of the Docucenter Nirvis – setting another new benchmark in document examination tools.

History 2000s


In 2015, the Projectina team developed the game-changing VisionX, with unique ergonomic design and optical resolution.

The present day

In August 2021, Projectina was acquired from Ultra by UK private equity firm Heligan Group, who specialize in investing in high-growth businesses operating in the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sector. Today, with the full support of our new owners, we are as passionate and committed as ever in our mission to supply premium forensic equipment to the world’s forensic science community.

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