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Rugged and dependable yet lightweight and easy to carry, the SL-450’s powerful Xenon lamp has a generous 90 minutes of running time.

With no cables to worry about and 7 built-in filter settings, plus a handy telescopic arm for evidence recovery, you have everything you need to work your scene efficiently and effectively.

  • Freedom to focus on forensics - cable-free, compact and 90 minutes of battery power
  • 7 built-in filter settings and optional accessories like shape converter and beam expander for maximum versatility
  • Telescopic arm for ergonomic work when securing of evidence
  • Work in the field, recharge on the move
  • High-impact resistant, dust proof, chemical resistant and watertight case, power adaptor and tripod option for a complete crime scene kit

Rugged, easy to operate and independent of mains supply

Powerful Xenon light source, with high UV intensity

Technical Specifications

  • SL-450 unit with insert for battery, housing made of anodised aluminium
  • High-powered Xenon lamp, > 1000 hours operation
  • Tool for lamp exchange
  • Light output: Xenon 35 W with reflector and condenser
  • Boost function for enhanced performance up to 45 W
  • Filter disc with 7 positions: white light, UV 365, 415, 450, 470, 505 and 530 nm (further wave-bands on request)
  • Focused light spot
  • Battery: Lithium Ion capacity 14.4 V, 4.3 Ah
  • Battery charger: AC charger 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, with 12 V car connection, charging time approx. 90 min.
  • Filter goggles: red, orange, yellow and clear
  • Barrier filter: orange
  • Sturdy, lightweight carrying case
  • Weight: lamp 1070 g / battery 450 g
  • Dimensions: Overall length 345 mm

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