Drying Cabinets

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Odour-free and humidity-controlled drying

Developed for odour-free and humidity-controlled drying processes and to prevent fungal attack and mould on trace carriers.

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Projectina is Switzerland’s official distributor of premium Voigtländer Polizei-und Kriminaltechnik forensic equipment, offering the VTR drying cabinet in various sizes for trace evidence, with a flexible modular design to suit any space.

The double-walled VTR 850 is made of easy-to-clean polypropylene, with internal shelves, hanging rail and lockable door. It provides a large, clean environment for odor-free and contact-free drying.

The electronic humidity control means no more having to manually check on dryness levels, with the system automatically switching off when it has completed its cycle.

The activated carbon has a germicidal effect and filters vapours, odours, viruses and bacteria. The pre-filter and post-filter mats serve to prevent foreign bodies from entering and, for each drying process, the exhaust air flow can also be checked for microfibers.

Drying Cabinet

Technical Specifications - model VTR 850

  • Weight: 157 kg (approx.)
  • External: 850 mm width x 1970 mm height x 700 mm depth
  • Internal: 750 mm width x 1500 mm height x 675 mm depth
  • Electrical connection: 230 V / 300 W / 50 Hz

Accessories include:

  • 5 pcs. coat hanger
  • 2 pcs. door key
  • 1pc. microsieve
  • 1 pc plastic cleaner antistatic 250 ml
  • 2 pcs. pre-filter mats

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