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The Inspec-6 wraps up power, precision and performance in a handy desktop model, perfect for frontline or lab deployment.

Inspec 6 is a desktop document verification system that can handle documents up to A4/Letter size (210 x 300 mm) and includes an external 10x LED magnifier. It’s a great fit for immigration services, customs authorities, financial institutions, etc.

Eight integrated illumination systems make this an accomplished and versatile performer in visual inspection of paper authenticity, security marks, mechanical and chemical erasures, fibers, tampering, embossed stamps

Toughened carry case makes for safe and easy transport of the Inspec-6 across locations, putting power on the desktop where it’s needed


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 360 mm width x 260 mm depth x 310 mm height
  • Weight: approx. 6 kg (basic system)
  • Input power: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Maximum document size: 210 x 300 mm (A4 format)
  • LED Magnifier 10x, for white white
  • Prepared for installation of universal photo camera adapter

8 Integrated Illumination Systems:

  • White transmitted light (LED): for identification of water marks, mechanical erasures, safeguarding threads, etc.
  • Surface light UV-A 365 nm (LED) and UV-C 313 nm/ UV-B 254 nm surface light Fluorescent lamps 2x6W: for identification of authenticity of paper, chemical erasures, fibres and security marks
  • White top light (LED): for printing techniques, OVD, OVI verification
  • White oblique light (LED): 5W LED with condenser for identification of mechanical erasures, embossed stamps, exchange of photographs, etc.
  • Vertical surface light (Retro) (LED): for identification of retro-reflective security marks
  • External high intensive white torch: flexible verification of ID documents in side-light or transmitted light, strong light output, flexible hand-held light source

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