Fit for the front line

Workstation for first level inspection


Docutester features a robust, compact design ideally suited for long-term use at the front line, from border posts to banks.

It’s the verification capability and build quality that has made Docutester such a popular unit for the visual inspection of travel documents, banknotes, customs documents and security printed material. Rugged and reliable, it’s a great value option for those needing mobile practicality and durability.
  • Tough metal housing with ergonomic carrying handles geared for harsh environments and heavy-duty usage
  • 3x magnifier slidable over entire width of device makes for a compact but highly capable, user-friendly unit
  • Large object room > A4
  • 4 integrated illumination systems – surface light, transmitted light, UVA 365nm, side light – for trusted verification of watermarks, chemical and mechanical erasures, security fibres, photo substitution, embossed stamps, etc

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (external): 530mm length x 370mm width x 300mm height
  • Dimensions (internal control unit): 500mm length x 250mm width x 200mm height
  • Input power: 230V / 50Hz +/- 5 %
  • Power consumption: 30W
  • Maximum object surface: > DIN A4 (297 x 210 mm)

4 integrated illumination systems:

  • Surface light white: 1x 15 W fluorescent tube, > 5600 Kelvin daylight, lifetime approx. 13000 hours, ON/OFF switch labelled with REMI, for general visual control
  • Transmitted light white: 2x 15 W fluorescent tube, > 5600 Kelvin daylight, lifetime approx. 13000 hours, ON/OFF switch labelled with DIA for verification of watermarks, mechanical erasures, security threads, etc.
  • UVA 365 nm surface light: 2x UV-A 365 nm, 15 W fluorescent tube (blacklight), lifetime approx. 5000 hours, ON/OFF switch labelled with UV, for verification of counterfeit document, chemical erasures, security fibres, security marks, etc.
  • Side light white: 1x LED Spot lamp, 4000 Kelvin, cold light, life time approx. 25000 hours, ON/OFF switch labelled with EPI, for verification of mechanical erasures, embossed stamps, photo substitution, etc.

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