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Uster Technologies AG

Uster Technologies is a leading manufacturer of advanced technology products, systems and solutions for quality testing and management in the textile industry

The smallest fluctuations in the quality of a yarn over a longer period of time play an important role and determine whether production is profitable or loss-making. Therefore, all testing equipment must meet the highest requirements and for this purpose, Projectina supplies the highest quality optical sensors. From the material to the assembly and calibration.

A partnership that has lasted for decades

"I can't say exactly when the collaboration between Projectina and Uster Technologies AG began, as I have only been working for the company for just over 10 years. But it must be around 30 years," says Markus Schenker, Head of Procurement at Uster Technologies AG.

During this time, both Uster Technologies Ltd and Projectina have undergone fundamental changes more than once. What has always remained, however, is the strong, lived partnership.

The optical sensors produced by Projectina are part of the "heart" of the Uster tester. Projectina's reliability in terms of quality and deadlines is of central importance. This is supported by the sense of trust and transparency of communication. For example, through Projectina having direct access to Uster’s intranet, data can be processed and exchanged rapidly.

Overall, in this partnership challenges are resolved together - factually and pragmatically. And this cooperation can hopefully continue for a long time to come.

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